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WeVit Tasty Gel 100g

WeVit Tasty Gel 100g

Multivitamin and mineral supplement for dogs and cats.

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WeVit Tasty is a complementary food developed to provide essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics for dogs and cats.


  • Provides a range of essential vitamins and minerals for your pet: Taurine; Vitamin E; Calcium; Niacin (Vitamin B3); Thiamine (Vitamin B1).
  • Compound, tasty, nutritious and high-calorie complementary food: with Manganese, Iron, Potassium and Zinc.
  • Especially important in situations of anorexia or loss of appetite; convalescent situations or after illness, pregnancy, lactation, growth, as well as in any situation of increased nutritional needs (sports, work).

Directions for use:

Administer 5 grams (equivalent to a teaspoon) for every 5 kg of animal weight, per day.