Kinderkraft Smartplay Activity Mat

The activity mat with balls that helps your baby grow in a fun way.

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Kinderkraft Smartplay Activity Mat is an educational and interactive mat with balls, providing children with lots of fun and safety. The variety of toys and different placement possibilities develop the child's motor and manual skills and stimulate their senses. Easy to fold and transport.


  • The set consists of 7 toys of various cognitive and aesthetic values: mirrors, rustling book, 2 teethers, rattle, tiger and elephant.
  • The mat has points to attach toys, depending on the child's age and taste.
  • Comfortable cushion for the child's comfort.
  • Toy bows with a universal connector, so you can organize them any way you like.
  • The set includes 20 balls in 4 colors - can be used as a ball pit.
  • Unique design - black and white details stimulate your child's senses from the first days.
  • 6 colorful walls with different stories - With the playpen function, the sides can be raised and secured together, which further encourages the baby to lift their head and neck and strengthens their back muscles and ensures safety. Movendo around in the belly, the baby faces different animals. Additionally, it prevents balls from falling during the game.
  • Stimulates the sensation of touch.
  • Stimulates the sense of hearing.
  • Stimulates the sense of vision.
  • Develops motor and manual skills.
  • It is easy to fold and transport.
  • It is made from safe, high-quality materials.
  • Good quality padding improves comfort.
  • Material: 100% Polyester.
  • For age: 0+.
  • Product tested and approved in accordance with European safety standards EN 71-1.