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Parodontax Extra Fresh 75ml

Parodontax Extra Fresh 75ml

Helps fight bleeding gums and releases a feeling of freshness that leaves your mouth clean and fresh for hours.

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To order less than 2 units, please call us (983 Items)
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With daily use of toothpaste Parodontax® :

  • Helps fight bleeding gums;
  • Helps prevent gum problems;
  • You get an intense feeling of cleanliness;
  • Gets prolonged freshness;
  • Helps prevent the appearance of cavities due to fluoride: 1400 ppm fluoride;
  • Helps prevent gum irritation.

Gum bleeding is one of the first symptoms of gum disease. Brush your teeth with toothpaste Parodontax® helps to effectively eliminate plaque and fight gum bleeding.

Toothpaste Parodontax® has a formulation with 70% specific ingredients. .Parodontax® has an intense flavor, which results from the high concentration of bicarbonate and may need a period of adaptation to the flavor in about a week. Mineral salts have antiseptic and astringent properties; restores the pH balance of the mouth.

After 14 days of using Parodontax® , most people like its unique flavor.

Instructions for use / Precautions:

  • Brush no more than 3 times a day with Paradontax toothpaste;
  • Avoid swallowing;
  • Keep out of the reach of children;
  • Do not use in children under 12 years;
  • If you take fluoride from other sources, see a dentist or doctor.