Chicco NaturalFeeling Papa Flow Teat 6m+ 2 units

Chicco NaturalFeeling Papa Flow Teat 6m+ 2 units

Silicone teat with double anti-colic valve for NaturalFeeling Bottle. Pope flow.

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Chicco NaturalFeeling Teats is the only line of teats that allows you to breastfeed your baby in a more natural way.


  • Three different teat shapes, specific for each baby's growth phase: 0m+ and 2m+ - Slanted teat, 4m+ - Rounded teat and 6m+ - Elongated teat.
  • Chicco NaturalFeeling teats resemble a mother's breast, guarantee maximum flexibility and elasticity and contribute to peaceful and serene breastfeeding.
  • Double anti-colic valve - prevents air intake, reducing the risk of colic, hiccups and regurgitation.
  • Embossed rings at the base - Simulate the mother's breast and increase the elasticity and flexibility of the teat.
  • Correct neck position - allows the baby to be in the correct position, contributing to breastfeeding as calm and serene as possible.
  • Extra soft silicone - Soft silicone and ridges on the base for a natural feel.