Dr Brown´s Options + Silicone Nipple Teat Level 3

Dr Brown´s Options + Silicone Nipple Teat Level 3 2 units

Silicone teat for wide mouth bottle indicated from 6 months.

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Dr Brown´s Tetina Options + Wide Mouth is a silicone teat suitable for wide-mouth bottles.


  • The teat is 100% of medical silicone and is perforated by laser, which guarantees the highest quality since the orifice is exactly the same in all teats of the same level, giving an accurate timed flow.
  • The Options + wide-mouth teat is more like the breast to stimulate a better grip and reduce teat-nipple confusion.
  • Without BPA.
  • Levels available according to the baby's approximate age: Level P: 0m + (Designed for premature babies); Level 1: 0m +; Level 2: 3m +; Level 3: 6m +; Level 4: 9m +; Level Y: 9m + (Recommended for thick liquids and cereals).