Durex Play Vibrations

Durex Play Vibrations

A vibrating ring that causes, excites and satisfies both in 20 minutes of exciting pleasure.

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Durex Play Vibrations was created to provide more than 20 minutes of exciting pleasure for both of you. To make the most of it, it provokes, excites and experiments with vibrations.


  • It's simple to use, simple to turn on and off and great for experimenting with.
  • 20 minutes of exciting pleasure.
  • Easy to use and on and off.
  • Silent for maximum discretion and uninterrupted pleasure.
  • Can be used with or without a condom. If you use a condom, make sure you put it on first and take care not to damage it when you put the ring on.

Directions for use:

If you use a condom, put it on first, then remove the vibrating ring from the packaging. Slide the ring over the penis. Place the vibrating head so that it stimulates your partner's clitoris. Be careful not to damage the condom when placing the ring. Before using, apply a generous amount of a Durex lubricant for an even more pleasant experience. Press the button to turn the ring on or off. Enjoy! This product is for adults only. It is not a contraceptive. If you experience discomfort or pain when using this ring, stop using it immediately.