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The Beemine Lab Repair Balm with CBD 50ml

Anti-inflammatory balm with CBD. Perfect for immediate action on muscles and joints.

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The Beemine Lab Repair Balm with CBD is a perfect repairman to be used at the end of the day, after training, after a stroke and even to relieve muscle tension caused by stress.


  • Effective relief: fast acting, easily absorbed. Thanks to its calming active ingredients and the analgesic effect of cannabidiol, it reduces joint or muscle pain, providing a sensation of cold effect with a fresh, calming and pleasant smell.
  • Reduces inflammation: thanks to CBD, and the active ingredients in the Balsam, the body reacts by reducing blood flow to the affected area of the muscle.
  • Helps Muscle Pain: Perfect for tired legs and muscles. Works on contractures, sprains, injuries and inflammation. (Does not apply to open wounds)
  • Joint Pain Relief: May help relieve symptoms of rheumatism, arthritis, osteoarthritis, back pain, lumbago, neck pain, sciatica.
  • Muscle recovery: CBD reduces post-workout pain and facilitates recovery. It also helps to reduce muscle deterioration and the appearance of possible trauma, accelerating tissue recovery.
  • Applied to the temples, it can help reduce migraine headaches and inflammation. Relieves pulmonary congestion and may help reduce sinus inflammation.

Directions for use:

Apply over the desired region and spread, massaging gently in circular motions to ensure complete absorption.