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Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup Size B

Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup Size B

Single cup that rolls up to the size of a tampon.

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Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup Made from 100% medical grade silicone, it collects menstrual flow instead of absorbing it to give you a period without odour, dryness or irritation.


  • Allows safe and easy insertion.
  • It is made of medical silicone.
  • Size B: For women who have given birth vaginally or with weaker pelvic floor muscles. 

Usage advice: 

Hold the base of your cut, smooth the rim and fold it in half. Tilt the cut towards the tailbone and insert it upwards until the withdrawal loop is inside. Slightly turn the cup left and right or pull it slightly so that it opens fully. If it doesn't move, it's been opened correctly. To remove it, hold the removal ring and gently press the base to release the suction cup effect. Carefully pull down on the removal loop.