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Copo Menstrual Lunette Transparente Tam 2
Copo Menstrual Lunette Transparente Tam 2

Transparent Lunette Menstrual Cup Size 2

Discreet and undetectable menstrual cup.

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Lunette is a discreet and undetectable menstrual protection. Made of soft silicone, it is 100% hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and very easy to use.

It is economical and environmentally friendly, and can last up to 10 years.

The Transparent Lunette fits perfectly with the female anatomy, allowing the collection of menstrual flow instead of absorbing it, without leakage and odors.

Lunette is ...

  • made of silicone 100% medicinal;
  • hypoallergenic, latex free, odorless and safe;
  • easy to use, practical and comfortable. It only needs to be removed two to four times every 24 hours and can be used overnight;
  • economical and environmentally friendly - with careful use can last up to 10 years;
  • does not create moisture, outbreaks of vaginal candidiasis, cystitis or toxic shock syndrome. In fact, SCT is not related to the use of the menstrual cup;
  • it does not interfere with the natural lubrication of the vagina, nor does it dry the vaginal mucous membrane.
  • suitable for the practice of any sport and physical activities;
  • easy to clean and disinfect between periods. Simply put in boiling water or rub with ethyl alcohol;
  • designed for women of all ages;
  • also indicated for women who have not yet started their sex life, as well as for those who use the IUD as contraceptive protection. However, talk to your doctor if you plan to use both at the same time;
  • allows monitoring menstrual flow through measuring lines inside the cup (5ml and 13.5ml in size 1; 7.5ml and 15ml in size 2). The line on the glass is very smooth and without relief, facilitating its cleaning;
  • it should not be used in postpartum menstruation due to the risk of inflammation;

Lunette exists in two sizes:

Size 1, for those with a light or normal flow. The diameter is 41 mm by 47 mm. The tab measures 25 mm. The volume of the cup is 25 ml.

Size 2 for abundant flow, and for those who have had children by vaginal delivery. The diameter is 46 mm by 52 mm. The tab measures 20 mm. The volume of the cup is 30 ml.