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Rhinomer Baby Soro Fisiológico 20 ampolas de 5ml

Rhinomer Baby Saline 20 ampoules of 5ml

Pack of 20 single doses of 5ml of sterile saline.

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Single dose sterile saline suitable for babies, children and adults.


Contains 0.9g of sodium chloride and purified water qbp 100ml.


  • Can be used in aerosol therapy.
  • Gently cleans the nasal passages when the nose is blocked due to colds or allergies.
  • Hydrates the nasal mucosa when it is dry or irritated.
  • It can be used to suck the baby's secretions with the nasal aspirator.

Directions for use:

The usual frequency of use is 2 to 4 daily applications in each nostril.