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ActivOzone Ozone Oil 100ml
ActivOzone Ozone Oil 100ml

ActivOzone Ozone Oil 100ml

Formula containing only ionized vegetable oils.

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ActivOzone Ozone Oil, with ozone, it is an oil with antioxidant, oxygenating and regenerating properties.

In the skin, ozonized vegetable oils are absorbed in depth and provide many of the properties of Ozone, such as: antioxidant, regenerating and purifying. Ozone acts on free radicals helping to eliminate them later. These ozone properties provide the necessary conditions for the recovery of damaged skin.

Its formula contains only ozonized vegetable oils, nothing more! It can be used at any age, during pregnancy and can be applied as often as needed on any part of the body (including the genital, anal, mucous membranes and nipples). It is such a safe product that it can be used on babies and children.

Ozone Oil, has unique characteristics. When ozonized oils are applied to the skin, ozone is released. It acts on transient pathogens adding negative charges, destabilizing their metabolism, preventing their proliferation. Activates the cellular energy of the damaged tissues giving the skin the tools for its recovery avoiding necrosis.

Applications: Itching; Dermatitis, Bullous diseases; Inflammation; Pressure ulcers; Infections (bacterial; viral; mycotic; parasitic); Wounds; Burns.

Suitable for any skin type.

Directions for use:

Apply over the desired area of the body, massaging gently until completely absorbed.