Resource Instant Protein 400g

Resource Instant Protein 400g

Indicated in situations associated with increased protein needs.

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Nestlé Resource Instant Protein is a versatile product, easy to include in any diet. Its objective is to increase patients' protein intake, without altering the taste of meals or the level of satiety.


  • Soluble protein module in powder form.
  • Indicated in situations associated with increased protein needs such as: sarcopenia associated with aging, hip fracture, metabolic stress (burns, trauma, surgery) and in situations of insufficient protein intake such as anorexia, malnutrition, involuntary weight loss, unbalanced diets.
  • It dissolves easily in any liquid or semi-solid preparation, without altering its flavor.

Usage advice:

Add 10-15g for every 150ml of liquid or puree you want to supplement. To prepare hot, previously dilute the desired amount in cold water .