Libenar Nasal Hygiene 25 Doses

Libenar Nasal Hygiene 25 Doses

Indicated for the daily hygiene of the nose and eyes of babies, children and adults and in aerosol therapy.

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Libenar Nasal Solution is a sterile, ready-to-use solution.


  • It makes feeding and sleeping easier for babies by cleaning their nose, which is often blocked by mucus.
  • It is suitable for children who are still unable to blow their nose.
  • It facilitates the elimination of excessive secretions and, thanks to its moisturizing action, quickly relieves nasal dryness in adults.
  • It can be used for external cleaning of the eyes.

Usage advice:

For nasal hygiene: Tilt your head back. Carefully insert the tip of the pack into a nostril and gently squeeze the pack. Repeat the procedure in the other nostril. Straighten your head to allow the mucus to come out and then clean off the excess. Do not blow your nose violently for 10 minutes after administration. For eye hygiene: Pour a few drops of the solution into each eye, taking care not to touch the surface of the eye with the packaging. Wipe off excess liquid with sterile gauze. If you need to apply any other treatment, wait 15 minutes before applying it.