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Vitis Anticáries Mouthwash 500ml

Anti-mouthwash for daily use.

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Vitis Anticaries Mouthwash protects and repairs enamel thanks to the action of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles, a natural element of the tooth, which combine and adhere to dental enamel. Its formula also incorporates fluoride and xylitol, for greater prevention of cavities.


  • Repairs grooves, cracks and imperfections on the enamel surface.
  • Strengthens demineralized enamel.
  • It forms a protective layer resistant to the attack of acids present in food, which cause dental erosion and weaken tooth enamel day after day.
  • In combination with fluoride, they form fluorapatite crystals, which are less soluble in acids than hydroxyapatite, making the tooth more resistant to caries.

Usage advice:

Rinse your mouth for 30 seconds with 15 ml after brushing your teeth. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended not to rinse with water and avoid eating or drinking immediately after use.

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