NAN Optipro 4 800g

NAN Optipro 4 800g

Growth milk for children from 24 months.

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NAN Optipro 4 is an infant milk drink – growth milk – for children from 24 months of age as a liquid part of their diet. Compared to cow's milk, normally introduced at this stage, NAN Optipro 4 provides a nutritional composition and energy suitable for this important phase of growth and development of the young child. NAN Optipro 4 infant milk contains a unique protein technology in terms of quality and quantity, allowing you to provide your baby with an adequate amount of protein.


  • Optipro- A unique protein blend adapted to provide just the right amount of protein needed for baby's growth without straining still immature organs
  • Calcium and Vitamin D – Necessary for the normal growth and development of children's bones
  • Iron – Contributes to the normal cognitive development of children

Usage advice:

Wash your hands well before preparing the bottle. Wash the bottle, teat and lid well so that no milk is left behind. Boil drinking water for 5 minutes. Let cool. See the power table. Pour the exact amount of boiled water into the bottle. Only use the measuring spoon found in the can. Use the rim of the can to level the amount of powder to the measure. After use, place the measuring spoon in suspension inside the can. Cover the bottle and shake until the powder is completely dissolved. Give it to the baby immediately. Close the can properly after each use and store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, consume within a maximum period of 3 weeks.

Important note: NAN Optipro steps have changed, now there are only 4! The old Optipro 4 with CNP 7377451 was indicated for children from 12 months. The new Optipro 4 is suitable for children from 24 months.