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Urgo Filmogel Dentilia 10ml

Urgo Filmogel Dentilia 10ml

Relieves discomfort caused by the eruption of baby's first teeth.

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Urgo Filmogel Dentilia soothes and softens the gums when the first teeth appear.


  • It soothes signs such as edema and erythema of the gums and abundant salivation, reducing the symptoms associated with this necessary phase of the baby's life - crying and insomnia.
  • Based on natural ingredients (chamomile and alteia root), it is safe and has no contraindications.
  • It can be used from three months and is very practical, as it has an applicator with a massage tip and there is no need to put your finger on the baby's product, being very hygienic.
  • Despite all the characteristics of the product, its greatest advantage is that it is Filmogel® - the matrix allows for greater product durability in the gums and, therefore, for symptom relief.

Directions for use:

Apply to baby's gums with your fingertip whenever necessary.