Scholl GelActiv Professional Insoles Women 35.5-40.5 2 units

Scholl GelActiv Professional Insoles Women 35.5-40.5 2 units

For support throughout the day.

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Scholl GelActiv Professional Insoles it softens the impact when your feet come in contact with the ground and offers support throughout the day - especially useful if your job requires you to stand for many hours. This way, your working day can last as long as you need.


  • GelActiv technology.
  • Absorbs impacts throughout the day, especially on hard surfaces.
  • Cushioning and comfort throughout the day.
  • Suitable for work shoes, casual shoes or sports shoes.
  • Contains a pair of insoles.

Directions for use:

Cut, if necessary, to adapt to the shape of the shoe. Cut along the contour that matches the foot number or use the original sole of the shoe as a guide. For best results: remove the insole on the shoe and replace it with the Scholl GelActiv insole with the gel side facing down. Replace the insoles when they show signs of wear (recommended every 6 months).