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Tena Bed Plus Wings 180x80cm 20 units

Bed and chair guards with flaps for added security.

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Tena Bed Plus Wings is an accidental urine leak bed and chair protector with added absorbency and tabs to ensure the product stays in place. The product has a smooth surface that is comfortable for the skin.


  • The Tena Bed is gentle on the skin. The Tena Bed is so soft that it is suitable for everyone, regardless of skin type. It is an extremely flexible product designed for high comfort.
  • Excellent bed protection. The Tena Bed contains absorbent microbeads to guarantee high protection. It has different degrees of absorption, adapted to the needs of the user.
  • One of many products that simplify everyday care tasks. The Tena Bed is one of many products that have been developed in close collaboration with experts to support professional caregivers in providing value for money daily incontinence care.

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