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Bogadent Brush Ergo-Dual

Bogadent Brush Ergo-Dual

Toothbrush with ergonomic and functional design for cleaning teeth and removing plaque from dogs.

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Bogadent Brush Ergo-Dual it has an ergonomic design optimized for cleaning all sides of the teeth, especially the posterior soft tissue.


  • Ergonomic design optimized for cleaning all tooth surfaces (inner and outer), especially posterior molars.
  • Complete prevention of bacterial plaque, even in less accessible places.
  • Graduated filaments for cleaning between teeth.
  • Non-slip grip to prevent the brush from slipping.
  • Flexible zone to prevent excessive pressure.
  • Registered patent.

Directions for use:

Apply bogadent® DENTAL CREAM paste on the larger brush. Raise the lips and clean the outer faces of the teeth with a uniform circular motion. Clean the inner faces of the teeth in the same way. Use the smaller brush specially designed for this purpose.