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Cutania Glycozoo Spray 236ml

Cutania Glycozoo Spray 236ml

Dermatological spray with drying, keratolytic, lipolytic and deodorizing action. For dogs, cats and horses.

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Cutania Glycozoo Spray can be used as an adjuvant in veterinary treatment in dermatological processes where yeasts are involved (Malassezia...).


  • No rinse spray – Permanent long action: Leave-On, Dry-On.
  • Water-based – Reaches the most inaccessible areas without overloading.
  • Especially useful in anatomical locations with a damp environment.
  • Contains phytosphingosine: restorative action on the epithelium and skin barrier effect.
  • Recommended use: Kerato-seborrheic skin. Conditions that can benefit from the drying effect of boric acid. Anatomical locations with a moist environment: interdigital spaces, axillary area. Suitable for localized areas or general use. As a complement or reinforcement to the CUTANIA® GlycoZoo Campô, to: Reduce the frequency of bathing. Multiplies its effects. Facilitates handling. Animals that are difficult to handle or that cannot bathe.
  • No antibiotics or corticosteroids.
  • Very nice smell.