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STOP Piolhos Loção com Pente 100ml

STOP Lice Comb Lotion 100ml

Anti-lice and anti-nits lotion.

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STOP Lice Comb Lotion is a pediculicide with proven effectiveness against head lice and nits. It helps to loosen nits in both adults and children over 6 months.


  • Product for local application, presented in a 100 ml bottle, with a small screw cap, containing a transparent solution composed of 5% of Dimeticone, a type of silicone.
  • The lotion acts by a physical mechanism: Dimeticone forms a film that coats the lice and the nits, causing their death. Without chemical and hypoallergenic insecticide. Long hair needs more product and a more liquid texture to distribute itself in the best way.
  • Thanks to its dosing spray, Stop Lice lotion easily covers all hair, from the roots to the ends, and it also spreads more easily. Another version of Stop Lice gel is available, especially for short hair.
  • Ideal for the whole family, including pregnant or breastfeeding women and children over 6 months of age.

Directions for use:

Apply Stop Lice lotion to dry hair, distributing the product with gentle massages until it is evenly distributed and the hair is completely soaked. Leave to act for 10 minutes. Then, wash your hair with Stop Shampoo, rinse thoroughly with water and, afterwards, pass the comb with fine and strong tips to eliminate the nits. The oily texture of the lotion facilitates the comb's passage. Wash hands after use. It is recommended to repeat the treatment, under the same conditions, after 8-10 days to avoid reinfestation. If you see live lice in another family member, follow the instructions for use described above.