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Taberdog Coleira Anti-Parasitária Cães 75cm
Taberdog Coleira Anti-Parasitária Cães 75cm

Taberdog Collar Anti-Parasitic Dogs 75cm

Medicated collar against fleas and ticks. For very large breed dogs.

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Taberdog Collar Anti-Parasitic Dogs is an ectoparasiticide collar against fleas and ticks: Ctenocephalides canis, Ctenocephalides felis, Pulex irritans and Dermacentor variabilis, Otobius megnini, Rhipicephalus sanguineus.

Active substance: Dimpylate 15%.

Dimpylate is the active substance. Corresponds to an external organophosphate insecticide / antiparasitic that penetrates through the parasite's cuticle reaching the hemolymph, spreading throughout all tissues and nervous system, resulting in a cholinesterase inhibition that affects the transmission of nerve impulses, causing the parasite to die due to paralysis .

Target species (s): Dogs (very large breeds).

Posology and route (s) of administration:

One collar per animal for 4 months. Place the collar around the animal's neck without squeezing it, so that two fingers can be inserted between the collar and the neck, cutting off the excess. It should not be used as a fastening collar. The bag containing the collar must be opened only at the time of use. To ensure continued ectoparasitic action, the collar must be used permanently, changing every 4 months.