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Scalibor Protector Band 48cm

Deworming collar.

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Scalibor is indicated for the prevention of mosquito bites for 12 months, elimination of ticks and prevention of new infestations for 6 months, anti-food effect on adult mosquitoes for 6 months and/or elimination of fleas on dogs and prevention of new infestations for 4 months. months. In case of skin lesions, remove the collar until symptoms resolve.

Usage advice:

Leave a space of 2 fingers between the neck and the collar. Before putting it on, remove excess dust on the surface of the collar with a damp paper napkin. For maximum effectiveness, clean the collar with a damp paper napkin once a month. If an allergic reaction occurs, it is advisable to remove the collar and wash the affected area until the signs are resolved. The collar must be placed 1 week before the animal enters an infested place.