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Alvita First Aid Box

First aid box with selection of essentials. Ideal for light emergency situations.

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Alvita First Aid Box it is ideal for mild emergencies.


  • 1 unit Alvita cotton zig-zag 50g.
  • 3 units Alvita saline gts 30ml.
  • 1 unit Alvita adhesive paper 1.25cmx5m.
  • 2 units Alvita 5×5 x10 sterile tnt pads.
  • 2 units Alvita 5×5 cm gauze bandage.
  • 1 unit Alvita hydrogen peroxide 10v 250ml.
  • 1 unit Alvita sanitary alcohol 70% 250ml V/V.
  • 1 unit Alvita washable dressing 3t x 20.