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Hartmann Hydrosorb Gel 15g

Hartmann Hydrosorb Gel 15g

The applicator syringe has a clear, viscous gel for wet wound care.

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Hydrosorb Gel 15g it has a clear and viscous gel and its components are water with an electrolytic composition, which promotes a balance in the humid environment from the start.


  • Softens and moisturizes dry necrosis.
  • Facilitates the removal of devitalized tissue and absorbs wound exudate in low-exuding wounds.
  • It can be washed using the sterile solution without affecting the rest of the wound.
  • Available in applicator syringes, which have a measuring scale in the opposite direction for a correct determination of the volume used to apply to the wound and check the amount of gel remaining.
  • Individually sealed.