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Mylan Autotest VIH

Mylan Autotest HIV

Self-test for HIV (Virus that causes AIDS).

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Mylan Autotest HIV it is the first HIV screening self-test to have obtained the CE marking for use at home.


  • Reliable: CE marking for home use. Validated by French experts.
  • High performance: reliable for the diagnosis of an infection that goes back more than 3 months using a drop of blood extracted by pricking the fingertip.
  • Results: 99.8% of uninfected people correctly detected. 100% of infected people correctly detected.
  • Easy to do: only 5 minutes to perform.
  • Confidential: no medical prescription needed.
  • Contains: 1 metallic bag with: 1 self-test, 1 lid with thinner, 1 safety lancet, 1 band-aid. 1 support. 1 sterile compress. 1 disinfectant wipe. 1 information leaflet with instructions for use.

Directions for use:

Detection from a drop of blood. Easy to use - results in 15 minutes. Read the instructions for this medical device carefully.