Corega 3D Fixation Unflavored Cream 40g

Corega 3D Fixation Unflavored Cream 40g

Fixative cream for dental prosthetics.

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Corega Fixação 3D Flavorless is a fixing cream without flavor and without dyes. Its formula provides strong hold all day long and a neutral flavor that does not alter the taste of food.


  • Prevents food particles from becoming lodged between the dental prosthesis and the gums.
  • It has no added flavors so it does not interfere with the pleasure of enjoying food.

Usage advice:

Clean and dry your denture. Apply Corega in short strips, without applying it to the edges of the denture. Rinse your mouth before putting on your denture. Put on the dental prosthesis, close your mouth and apply pressure for a few seconds.