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Alphacade Shampoo 200ml

Alphacade Shampoo 200ml

Shampoo indicated in severe scaly conditions and scalp psoriasis.

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ALPHA CADE, is a shampoo indicated in situations in severe scaly states of the scalp and scalp psoriasis.

It can be used in the scalp and body hygiene.

ALPHA CADE soothes itching, limits the formation of scales, moisturizes the scalp, leaving hair shiny and smooth.

ALPHA CADE, has in its composition: Fruit Acids 6% (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids such as Glycolic Acid, Citric Acid and Malic Acid), Essential Cade and Cedar Oils at 1.3% and salicylic acid at 2%. Alpha Hydroxy Acids, with exfoliating action, eliminate dead cells. Salicylic Acid, associated with essential oils of Cade and Cedar, reduces flaking and softens the scalp. After regular use of ALPHA CADE, there is a significant decrease in scaling of the scalp.

Studies with Electron Microscopy, show that detergents, in addition to removing dirt, remove protective substances from the hair and scalp and promote an excessive elimination of sebum, altering cuticle cells, making hair fragile, brittle and split. The ITEM / ALPHA line, uses as cleaning agents, lipoamino acids, which in addition to exerting a cleaning action, coat the hair shaft with a protective film, which protects the hair against external aggressions


In situations of intense peeling

In situations of dandruff plaques on the scalp

In Psoriasis of the scalp and body


Apply to previously wet hair and massage until foam is obtained Leave to act for a few minutes and rinse Use 3 to 4 times a week When applying a treatment shampoo it is advisable to alternate with frequency shampoo, ALPHA DOUX (split hair) or ALPHA 3 (hair thin and without volume)