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Intea Camomila Loção Louro Natural 100ml
Intea Camomila Loção Louro Natural 100ml

Intea Chamomile Blonde Reflection Lotion 100ml

Progressively lightens the hair's natural pigments.

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Blonde Reflection Lotion it is a lotion with chamomile extract, in spray, which lightens the hair progressively, providing beautiful blond reflections.

Ideal for lightening blond hair that has darkened with time or to keep blond hair that is being lightened.

Easy to use, it is applied directly without mixtures.

Does not stain.

Which lotion is recommended for what type of hair?

In general it is recommended for hair whose original color is between medium brown and dark blond. It is very useful to return the original blond to those hairs that were blond and that have darkened over time. It is not recommended for hair whose original color is very dark or black.

We recommend:

  • Intea® Chamomile Lotion Natural Blond: for normal medium brown to dark blond hair. Ideal to restore the original tone to hair that was blond and darkened over time;
  • Intense® Chamomile Lotion Blondes: softer than the INTEA® Natural Blond Chamomile Lotion, this product is designed to lighten slightly and give the hair a blond reflection and a luminous tone like that achieved in summer with sunlight;
  • Chamomile Lotion Intea® Louro Infantil: possessing a softer composition than the Chamomile Lotion INTEA® Louro Natural, it is especially indicated to lighten children's hair. It can also be used on adults with delicate hair.

Directions for use:

Wash and dry your hair with a towel and apply the Chamomile Intea lotion on damp hair spreading evenly over all hair and roots, helping to spread it with a comb.

Once applied, leave to act for at least 30 minutes and dry your hair in the sun or with a gentle blow dryer. It is not necessary to wash your hair after applying the lotion, although some users prefer to do it. In that case, the Camomile Intea® Lotion should be allowed to act for at least 45 minutes before doing so.

Use once a day, but it can be applied more than once if you want to lighten your hair more quickly until you get the desired shade.

Once obtained, a weekly application on the roots is enough to lighten the new hair that is growing.

Does not contain ammonia. Contains hydrogen peroxide in a very small amount.

You can use the chamomile mask after applying the Lotion, but allow 45 minutes to allow the Lotion to act.