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Lipoelastic PI Extra Post-Surgical Bra White L

Ideal for use during the first phase of post-operative care after breast surgery.

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Lipoelastic PI Extra is a post-operative compression bra designed for all types of breast surgeries.


  • Lower neckline.
  • Great to wear with low-cut clothes or dresses.
  • Ideal for use during the first phase of post-operative care after breast surgery (augmentation, reduction, mammoplasty, breast reconstruction or mastopexy).
  • Great for implants inserted through the breast crease.
  • The bra features a wide elastic band under the bust that prevents the bra from exfoliating or curling in any way. The band is designed to be so soft that it appears to be a continuation of the bra itself and therefore does not interfere with scar tissue.
  • Front opening in the form of hooks and eyes.
  • This bra has three attachment positions, allowing you to adjust compression as needed.
  • Shoulder straps with four rows of hooks and eyelets allow for variable compression adjustment.
  • It is always necessary to consult with the surgeon about the purchase and use of the chest strap.
  • All products are exclusively made from certified materials, which are confirmed by Oeko-Tex certificate.
  • It guarantees the absence of harmful substances.
  • Dimensions: Under the breasts: 79-84cm, breast circumference: 94-101cm.