Sesderma Sesgen 32 Cellular Activating Facial Serum 30ml

Sesderma Sesgen 32 Cellular Activating Facial Serum 30ml

Genetic action anti-aging line: provides firmness, hydration and improves skin texture.

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Sesderma Sesgen 32 Cellular Activating Facial Serum prolongs cell life, renews the natural cell repair process and resynchronizes the biological clock.


  • Activates the genes responsible for youth, which detect signs of cellular aging and repair them.
  • Resynchronizes the cellular biological clock and the natural repair process is renewed, acting against wrinkles, blemishes and enlarged pores. Reduces the sensitivity of reactive skin. It provides energy to cells and also has antioxidant, repairing and regenerating properties.
  • Thanks to the active ingredients it contains, such as Tripeptide 32, glutamylamidoethyl imidazole and teprenone, among others, it will increase cell longevity and inhibit damage from external agents, delaying the appearance of signs of aging.

Usage advice:

Cleanse and tone your skin with Sensyses if you prefer to clean your skin with a solution and cotton pad, or with Hidraven foam cream if you prefer cleansing with water. Then, apply a few drops of Sesgen 32 Cellular Activating Facial Serum with a gentle massage, all over the face, neck and décolleté. The appropriate amount is a pipette, to apply evenly. You can use it both in the morning and at night. Combine it with your usual beauty routine, always on clean skin, before cream textures. And don't forget to use sunscreen!