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Milbemax Dog +5kg 12.5/125mg 2 tablets

Indicated for the treatment of mixed infections by nematodes and tapeworms as well as for the prevention of heartworm disease.

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Medicine subject to veterinary prescription.

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Milbemax Dog +5kg 12.5/125mg is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic intended for the treatment of mixed tapeworm and nematode infections, as well as the prevention of heartworm disease.

Active substance(s): Milbemycin oxime (12.5 mg/ml) and praziquantel (125 mg).

Milbemycin oxime is active against mites, against larval and adult stages of nematodes as well as against larvae of Dirofilaria immitis . Praziquantel is active against tapeworms and trematodes.

Target species(s): canines (dogs).

Posology and route of administration:

Minimum recommended dose: 0.5 mg of milbemycin oxime and 5 mg of praziquantel per kg, single dose. Do not administer to dogs weighing less than 5 kg. The veterinary medicinal product should be administered with or after food. Depending on the dog's body weight, practical doses are as follows: 5 - 25 Kg - 1 tablet; > 25 – 50 Kg - 2 tablets; > 50 – 75 Kg - 3 tablets.

As it is a veterinary medicine subject to medical prescription , we request that you send it to the email [email protected]

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