Sesderma Repaskin Fotorreparador SPF 50 Facial 50ml
Sesderma Repaskin Fotorreparador SPF 50 Facial 50ml

Sesderma Repaskin Photorepair SPF 50 Facial 50ml

As long as the skin is protected, damage to cellular DNA is repaired.

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Authentic repair of cellular DNA to neutralize and reverse sun damage to the skin.

To neutralize the harmful effects of UV radiation, our skin is protected by a defensive complex that neutralizes them. But most of the time it is not enough. When the UV radiation from the sun's rays reaches the skin, it reaches our cells and can form thymine dimers that distort and modify the structure of DNA. As a consequence, wrinkles, spots, burns appear ... A silent and visible damage to the skin that we can now repair.

Repaskin is a line with a new SHIELD-SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY formulated to reinforce the protection and repair of the skin's own DNA with studies that demonstrate its effectiveness and results.

Directions for use:

Apply generously 30 minutes before exposure to the sun, giving a light massage on the face. Repeat every two hours during prolonged sun exposure.