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Medi Genumedi PSS Tam 5

Jeweler indicated for situations that require a safe orientation of the patella, and relief of the patella tendon.

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Medi Genumedi PSS is an elastic knee brace for centering and supporting patellar with a split cushion for easy orientation of the patella and specific reduction of pressure and tension in the patellar tendon and tibial tuberosity.


  • The clamping straps provide an even distribution of pressure.
  • Dual pillow system with 3D profile for an additional massage effect: the pillows on the kneecap and tendon stabilize and provide relief with maximum precision.
  • The silicone dot coating pressure exerted by the integrated silicone dot coating stimulates proprioception to increase quadriceps muscle tone.
  • Proprioceptive compression for reliable joint orientation and stabilization.
  • Size 3.
  • Circumference "d"(cm): 37-40cm.
  • Colour: Lime Green/Turquoise Blue.
  • Circumference "f"(cm): 49-52cm.