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Purelogicol Revitalizing Supplement for Hair and Nails 90 Capsules

Food supplement intended to strengthen hair and nails from the inside, helping to replenish nutrients.

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Purelogicol Revitalizing Supplement for Hair and Nails contains in its advanced formula vital nutrients for strong and healthy hair and nails. Bioperine, a potent phytonutrient, helps to increase bioavailability to maximize the absorption of the nutrients that make up this supplement.


  • Stimulates hair growth and volume.
  • Protects hair cells from oxidative stress.
  • Promotes scalp health.
  • Maximizes nutrient absorption.
  • Keeps nails strong and healthy.

Usage advice:

Take three capsules a day, with meals. For best results, use for three months. To keep the results visible, continue with the same dosage.