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Nutribén Apple, Orange, Banana and Cookie Jar 120g

Nutribén Apple, Orange, Banana and Cookie Jar 120g

It associates the creamy touch of the fruit with the delicious flavor of the wafer, without gluten and without milk. Enriched with vitamin C.

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Nutribén Jars they are composed of natural and safe foods. Preserved by vacuum in glass bottles, without dyes, preservatives or any additives. All varieties are free of gluten, egg and milk, to avoid allergy or food intolerance.


  • They are intended to serve as a dessert or to substitute meat meals with vegetables, according to various combinations.
  • Nutritionally balanced, Nutribén® jars facilitate baby's adaptation to new flavors and textures.
  • They are practical to use and can be served at room temperature or heated in the microwave or in a water bath.
  • Do not add salt or sugar: it is the baby's health that benefits.
  • To guarantee the safety of Nutribén® jars, the lids are properly protected by a plastic wrap and the packaging is hermetically closed (when removing the metal lid, you should hear a “POP!”).
  • All Nutribén® jars are subjected to strict quality controls before reaching the consumer.
  • No dyes, preservatives, flavors or spices;
  • No added salt;
  • 100% Olive oil as the only fat used in meal jars;
  • Healthier and easier to digest;
  • Addition of vitamin C in the dessert / fruit jars.