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Kukident Pro Complete Creme Prótese Dentária Sabor Clássico 70g

Adhesive cream with a light mint flavor specially created for complete care: strong fixation, more comfort and sealing against food.

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Kukident Pro Complete Classic Toothpaste Cream provides an extra strong fixation without neglecting discretion and comfort, providing a cushioning effect between the gum and the prosthesis.


  • It has a sealing effect and helps prevent food particles under the denture.
  • Easy to apply and perfectly fit.
  • Provides a sense of security when talking, laughing and eating.

Directions for use:

Wash gums and dentures. Then dry and apply the cream in small bands. Do not apply too close to the edges. Place the denture firmly in place and hold for a moment. Wait a few minutes before eating or drinking.