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Martiderm Acniover Gel Purificante 200ml
Martiderm Acniover Gel Purificante 200ml

Martiderm Acniover Purifying Gel 200ml

Cleaning oily skin.

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Acniover Purifying Gel cleanses the pores deeply, eliminates excess oil and eliminates impurities, shine and bubbles.

It is suitable for daily skin care with imperfections, oily, and acne prone or mild or moderate acne.

The presence of prebiotics ensures the balance of the cutaneous microflora, which allows beneficial bacteria to grow and harmful bacteria, such as Propionibacterium acnes, be destroyed.

The witch hazel flower and green tea are astringent and bactericidal actives with action toanti-inflammatory.

Cleans and minimizes pore size.

The skin is smooth and with a deep feeling of cleanliness.

Directions for use:

Apply to the previously moistened face. Massage and finally remove with plenty of water.