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Vitis Cepillo de Dientes Mediano

Vitis Cepillo de Dientes Mediano

Diseñado específicamente para eliminar el biopelícula oral (placa dental).

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En stock (991 Artículos)
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Vitis Medium Toothbrush is a medium hard filament toothbrush specifically designed to remove oral biofilm (dental plaque).


  • It is a toothbrush for daily use, with a diamond-shaped head that allows you to reach the most difficult to reach areas of the oral cavity.
  • Its medium hard filaments with a wavy profile reach the interdental spaces, while facilitating cleaning around the gums.
  • It is flexible, so that it can be folded to the most suitable position in the mouth, thus improving accessibility during brushing.
  • The handle is anatomical and has non-slip grooves for ease of use and comfort while brushing.
  • In addition, the head has a protective cap that keeps the filaments grouped together and in ideal hygienic conditions.

Usage advice:

Brush your teeth three times a day or after meals, making circular movements from the gum to the tooth.