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Bogacare Bálsamo Patas 50ml
Bogacare Bálsamo Patas 50ml

Bogacare Paw Balm 50ml

For the hydration of cracked and damaged skin on dogs' foot pads.

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Bogacare Paw Balm based on marigold and rosemary for hydration of dry and rough skin and for protection against cracked and damaged skin from dog pads.


  • The properties of the plants Calendula officinalis (C. officinalis) and Rosmarinus officinalis (R. officinalis) provide an optimal environment for the skin's regeneration process to be faster and more effective, promoting hydration and dermatological comfort.

Directions for use:

Once a day to keep the paws soft, more often if necessary, without restrictions. Before walking the dog, apply on and between the pads and rub. Apply several times a day as needed.

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