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Adaptil Calm Collar  Medium and Large Dogs

Adaptil Calm Collar Medium and Large Dogs

Helps to improve the dog's fear signals.

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Adaptil Calm Collar it is convenient and easy to use. Constantly diffuses the canine appeasement pheromone (even when the dog is outside). The dog's body temperature and close contact heat the collar and promote the diffusion of pheromones to the surrounding environment. It is essential that Adaptil Collar is in close contact with the dog's skin at all times.


  • Adaptil® is the chemical copy of canine appeasement pheromone (DAP), released by a female dog, from the breast area after the birth of her puppies. It is involved in the attachment process between the mother and her litter. This pheromone is a comforting message, which provides a strong safety signal for dogs as they explore the world and face challenges.

  • Adaptil has been proven to provide comfort to puppies and dogs of all ages. Helps them feel safe and protected when faced with new experiences, unfamiliar environments and other stressful situations. It is ideal for: dog socializing, travel (for dogs that travel frequently or for long trips and / or going to new ones) destinations, such as holidays, or a new home, etc.), stay in a kennel / canine / protective hotel, training programs, noisy events (storms or fireworks), especially for dogs that live mainly outdoors (outdoors) and that cannot be kept at home during these events, be alone at home (especially for outdoor dogs).

  • Each collar lasts up to 4 weeks. Can be replaced when needed.

Directions for use:

Place a finger on the plastic loop inside the collar near the buckle. Using this loop, pull the thin plastic to unwind the collar. Tighten the collar. Place through your dog's head. Tighten loosely around the dog's neck. Tighten the collar to fit and comfortably contact your dog's skin. You should be able to place no more than 2 fingers between the collar and the dog's skin. Make sure the collar is attached to the buckle. Cut off the excess portion of the collar.