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Cellulase Gold Advanced 40 Tablets

Advanced Cellulite

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Who is it for?

People with more advanced cellulite; and people with fluid retention.

When to Use?

The triple action of Cellulase Gold Advanced it is based on its unique multilayer formula that allows a controlled release throughout the day of its active ingredients of plant origin.

Each layer contains specific active ingredients:

1st Layer - Green tea and Coleus Forskolii: to reduce the accumulation of localized fat.

2nd Layer - Meliloto and Horse Chestnut: to drain and improve microcirculation.

3rd Layer - Asian spark and Turmeric: to strengthen the antioxidant action against free radicals and reduce fluid retention.

With Cellulase Gold® Advanced, obtain visible results in the reduction of the most advanced cellulite and in the reduction of the orange peel aspect, for a firmer and smoother skin.


Take 2 tablets a day, one at breakfast and one in the afternoon, for 8 to 23 weeks. The results will start to be visible from 8 weeks. It can be extended or repeated throughout the year.

To know more:

Cellulite is not all the same and constant research now offers a specific answer to each type of cellulite to obtain the best results.

How is cellulite formed?

Cellulite is formed through the modification of subcutaneous tissue, which, due to the retention of fluids and toxins, favors the appearance of fatty nodules that cause this unsightly alteration known as “orange peel skin”, which can be all the more visible as the greater the degree of intensity of the phenomenon.

How is cellulite attacked?

Cellulite is not all the same and its origin is found in depth at the level of subcutaneous tissues. Thus, a specific response to each type of cellulite and an in-depth action from the inside out are important to obtain the best results. Cellulite is also best fought with proper nutrition and exercise.

Cellulase Gold Advanced

3-layer tablets for maximum effectiveness:

  • Controlled release of ingredients
  • Greater efficiency

Composition and mode of action

Layer 1 - starts release at 45 min

Function: Burn fats and reduce local accumulation.

Layer 2 - starts release at 8-12 h

Function: drain and improve microcirculation.

Layer 3 - starts release at 45 min

Function: anti-radical and anti-edemic activity.

Cellulase Gold Advanced

Formula specially targeted for the most advanced cases of cellulite:

  • Reinforcement in some of the ingredients;
  • New specific ingredients for more advanced stages.

Modified-release tablets with 3 layers for greater effectiveness!

Food supplement: Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.