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Drenaslim Cocktail Bahia 450ml
Drenaslim Cocktail Bahia 450ml

Drenaslim Cocktail Bahia 450ml

Contributes to fat burning. With antioxidant action.

Expiration Date: 05/2023

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Drenaslim Cocktail Bahia is a food supplement, especially indicated for burning fat.


  • With açaí flavor, it helps with weight loss, has a diuretic, hepatic and antioxidant action and helps to burn fat mass.
  • Contains in its formulation dandelion, mackerel, queen of meadows, hibiscus, cherry trees, artichoke, green tea, guarana and vitamins B2, C and E.

Directions for use:

Dilute 1 measure (15ml) in liter and a half of water that you will drink throughout the day.