Xeratop O 500ml

Xeratop O 500ml

Bath oil for intensive correction of dry, lackluster and irritated skin.

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Xeratop O is a bath oil indicated for daily hygiene and hydration care for dry, lackluster and sensitive skin.


  • It has calming, softening and emollient properties that provide an immediate benefit to the barrier function, hydration, elasticity and comfort of the skin.
  • Consisting of an optimized lipid mixture: ceramides, cholesterol, palmitate and linoleate.

Usage advice:

Shake before using. Apply daily to wet skin. It is recommended to use directly on the skin, leaving it to act for 2 minutes. Then you must remove it with warm water. Alternatively, approximately 50mL can be dispersed in a bathtub filled with warm water before soaking for 10 minutes, followed by gentle drying.