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Oleoban Duche Diário 300ml
Oleoban Duche Diário 300ml

Oleoban Daily Shower 300ml

To prevent dry and dehydrated skin situations, caused by the aggressions of the frequent shower.

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Oleoban Daily Shower it is especially indicated in the daily hygiene of adults and children, for restoring and maintaining the necessary balance for a protected, hydrated and healthy skin.


  • Combining mild hygiene agents and lipids similar to those that naturally protect the skin.
  • Suitable for sensitive and reactive skin.

Directions for use:

Apply to previously wet skin and spread as if it were liquid soap. Remove with running water. Dry the skin gently after exiting the shower, without rubbing. Avoid contact with the eyes, as well as the use of soaps or soaps with Oleoban Daily Shower.