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Eucerin pH5 Óleo de Duche 200ml
Eucerin pH5 Óleo de Duche 200ml

Eucerin pH5 Shower Oil 200ml

Rich, restorative body cleansing oil for daily use that protects the skin's natural defenses.

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Eucerin pH5 Shower Oil was developed specifically with extra-mild surfactants, suitable for cleaning dry and sensitive skin.


  • Eucerin's unique pH Balance System formula provides the ideal pH to protect the skin's natural defenses and preserve its resistance.
  • Rich in natural oils, replenishes lipids and leaves the skin visibly pampered and silky, preventing it from drying out even with frequent use.
  • Shower Oil is available with a light fragrance.
  • The smoothness of the formula is identical to that of tap water, which makes it suitable for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Existing research confirms that Eucerin pH5 products are suitable for use on irritated skin with allergies.

Directions for use:

Use in conjunction with Eucerin pH5 skin care products to obtain the best results. Avoid contact with the eyes. If the product comes into contact with the eyes, wash with plenty of water. To avoid slipping, wash the surface of the shower or bathtub thoroughly after use.