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Dialix Vesical & Prostate 45 tablets

Supplement indicated for urinary incontinence and prostatic hyperplasia in dogs.

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Dialix V helps to maintain the muscle tone of the bladder, its emptying and its normal and healthy functioning. It is recommended for sterilized females and older animals to decrease urinary incontinence.

It is also recommended in benign conditions of the prostate to reduce inflammation and edema.


  • Increases the muscle tone of the bladder and its sphincter: Phytoestrogens (Glycine max and Dioscorea villosa)
  • Kidney Protection: Glutinous rehmannia.
  • Antimicrobial: European oil.
  • Anti-inflammatory in the Bladder: Zea mays.
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-congestive in the prostate: Serenoa repens y Cucurbita pepo.
  • Diuretics (encourage complete emptying of the bladder): Zea mays, Rehmannia glutinosa and Vitamin B6.

Directions for use:

1 tablet for every 10kg of weight per day.

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