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Adiva Entero 7,5kg 28 chewable tablets

Adiva Entero 7,5kg 28 chewable tablets

Anti-diarrheal and highly palatable mucoprotector for dogs and cats.

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Adiva Entero is a highly palatable supplement for dogs and cats, based on smectite, with a double anti-diarrheal and mucoprotective effect.

Active principles: Smectite 570 mg

Smectite is a natural green, ultrafine clay. It has a dioctahedral structure with a complex formula (trilaminate phyllosilicate that alternates silicon and aluminum), with an uneven distribution of electrical charge that gives it an exceptional coating and adsorption power. It is insoluble and not absorbed at the intestinal level. Various beneficial effects have been reported after the use of smectite in gastrointestinal processes, both in people and in animals.

Anti-diarrheal effect: The smectite's anti-diarrheal action is due to its adsorption of toxins, bacteria and viruses present in the digestive tract. Its ionic charge allows the binding and neutralization of different toxins, preventing their passage through the intestinal mucosa. In addition, the protective coating that smectite produces in the digestive tract, makes this absorption even more difficult. Smectite treatment decreases intestinal disorders produced by cholera toxin or those induced by mannitol (osmotic) infusions in dogs.

Mucoprotective effect: The administration of smectite in dogs and cats produces changes in the chemical nature of the mucopolysaccharides that line the digestive tract and modify their properties. The mucoprotective effect occurs through the interaction with the mucus molecules, protecting the enterocytes and the unions between them. Thus it hinders the passage of pathogens and toxins present in the digestive tract. In addition, the layer that the smectite forms on the mucosa protects cells from factors that can damage them (pathogens, digestive enzymes ...) also allowing them to regenerate and recover their integrity more quickly.

The administration of Adiva Entero helps to reduce and prevent the excessive growth of pathogenic microorganisms and the production of toxins, therefore it is indicated in animals with enteritis, intestinal bacterial overgrowth, endotoxemia, chronic diarrhea and viral infections (parvovirus, Coronavirus ...). Due to its mucoprotective effect, Adiva Entero is also recommended for the treatment and prevention of digestive processes where erosion or ulceration of the gastrointestinal mucosa such as esophagitis, gastritis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, etc. occurs.

Posology and route of administration:

1 chewable tablet for every 7.5kg, twice a day, for 5-7 days.