Dextro-Propyl 1L

Dextro-Propyl 1L

Energetic wetting agent for pigeons.

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Dextro-Propil presents a formula that has been studied to allow the pigeon fancier to add powdered products and additives to the food (grains, granulates, flour products), achieving a homogeneous mixture that would otherwise not be possible.


  • Dextro-Propil, in addition to being a wetting agent, is a highly energetic product that the pigeon assimilates quickly, completely replacing all other usual energy supplements.
  • It is also a liver protector due to the action of each of its components.
  • Composition: Propylene glycol and Dextrose.

Usage advice:

Add small amounts to the dry food until it is moist enough so that the powder particles, when mixed, adhere to the food. You can also use it only as an energy source, mixing 1 to 2 heaped tablespoons into the food for each kg.