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B-Kalm Oral Paste 34g

B-Kalm Oral Paste 34g

Natural paste relaxing in stressful situations.

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B-Kalm is a natural paste that helps horses relax when they are nervous and excitable.


  • Does not affect performance and responsiveness.
  • Ideal for transporting horses.
  • Ideal for stressful moments such as fairs, festivals, big changes.
  • Relaxing for horses with unpredictable and compulsive behavior.
  • It may be administered before a training or competition.

Dosage and route of administration:

For transport, administer a full syringe directly into the back of the mouth 2 hours prior to travel, if long-term travel, administer an additional syringe every 8 hours. To relax the horse before competitions, races administer the full syringe 2 hours before.